My name is Bhupinder Singh Anand.

A resident of Mumbai, India, I am what is euphemistically referred to currently as an independent scholar.

Which means that I am not a professional academic (so anything I post needs to be discounted in its entirety before—as some unknown sage is reported to have once wisely observed—what remains of it may be deemed worthy of consideration).

Nor am I an amateur mathematician, logicist or a computationalist; that too would appropriate to myself a minimum of knowledge, skills and perspective—befitting such title—which I lack.

I can claim, though, to be a prisoner of my youthful passion which—even when all spent—offers not a release, but a relaxed and gentler life sentence selectively serving memories of visions past.

In this blog, I shall focus on those scattered memories that persist in reviewing—and challenging—classical interpretations of Cantor’s, Godel’s, Tarski’s and Turing’s formal reasoning from the finitary perspective described here.

Individual notes and manuscripts detailing the directions of my past and current thoughts and investigative efforts can also be accessed at my workpages web-site here; some of these are further arXived here.

Bhupinder Singh Anand